Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"USE A TOP STRING!" (Weekly Word of Advice - Sept 29, 2009)


Just as important as it is for you to make sure that your posts are properly in line with each other, it is also important to make sure that the TOPS of your posts are also all the same height. (unless rolling the fence line down a hill or dip in the yard etc.) We are going to share a very useful technique that will help you accomplish this task!

It is called a TOP STRING! While there are other methods of making sure that your posts are all the same height, This has been my method of choice for over 6 years now.

Similar to running a string near the bottom of your posts to insure that they are all in line with each other, only the TOP STRING will be ran along the TOP of the posts to ensure that they are all the same height.


Set your two (2) end posts where you want them to be placed,... you will then run your bottom string and TOP STRING. (In this blog, we will focus on how to run the TOP STRING).

There are two (2) ways that I usually run my top string, the first method is by driving a piece of metal tubing or a steak into the ground OUTSIDE of the end posts. (making sure that the steaks are also in line with the posts but OUTSIDE of the posts.)

I will then tie the string to one of the steaks (make sure it is tight) and then run the string up to the top of the post that the steak is near. After the string is placed at the top of the post, I will run the string all the way over to the top of the other end post and then down to the steak that is placed OUTSIDE of that post. (obviously attaching the string the the second steak that was places OUTSIDE of the second end post.)

NOTE: the string should be pulled tightly so that there is no DIP in the middle of the string, which would result in a DIP in your fence line...

The SECOND METHOD is a little easier!

All you gotta do here is simply use DUCT-TAPE to secure one end of the string to the top of one end post, then run the string to the top of the other end post and also secure it there with duct-tape. Making sure to keep the string pulled tightly so there is no DIP in the line (as explained above).

I tend to use the steaks more than the duct-tape simply because I feel it is easier to pull the string tighter when using the steaks (which is the entire reason for having a TOP STRING in the first place).

I hope this is helpful. Also, be on the look out for MORE WEEKLY ADVICE that will be posted roughly every Monday or Tuesday. Only from ANCHOR FENCE | Redford, Michigan Fence Company

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